Other Items

Other Items.- fine merino wool,black pullon slacks $60PR

 Skivvies-pure merino wool in grey, plum, brown , rose pink. $50.xsm to xl. 


 The Company makes many other items , including DOG COATS , leather vests, shirts, & promotional clothing. Probably the FIRST promotional maker in Australia , in 1974 , when the Company, worked with B.F.Goodrich . America .Makers of coats for Australian Horse racing CLUBS.

..Shearers shirts. Pure Merino wool. Made by AKM , since 1930.grey or navy.

Ask grandpa, about the ultimate warmth when woodcutting or in the mines. $90for short  sleeves. Long $ 105.sizes xsm to xl. Larger sizes to order. Ring 0428130049. Price $120. 

sheepskins-100% genuine poor merino sheepskins. beautifully  tanned. size 1mt x.6 mt wide. natural color. factory price $69. colors available . ideal for baby, floor, lounge, long wearing.