Mens - Thermostat

Mens - Thermastat.Australian knitting mills believes that this hollow core fibre , is the warmest & most versatile on the World market. It dries quickly , is lightweight, does not retain moisture , & is superior to the abrasive Polypropolene. Pure white, ideal for under the shirt. Half the price of damart. 

Have a look at the technical sheet with this website -Tthermastat.




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Thermastat , hollow  core fibre,  for  extra warmth. Probably the Rolls Royce of thermal fibres. 

The hollow core holds  in more warmth, breathes, soft, and doesnt smell like polyprop after wearing.

Unlike  polypropolene, this thermalite has a teflon coating of the fibre, and doesnt cut  the body like  polypropolene.