fabric clearing

-Vintage fabric. Original 1940-50s. From deceased estate . 20000 mts take the lot at $2 mt.the bank will give you a loan. Be independent to a boss.

-Drop sheets , ideal for painting, covering machines etc. $2 mt (130-150wide.)

HESSIAN -13ft wide. 10 mtr lengths . $65

HORSE HAIR . Rare , used by tailors , Antique dealers . 2000mts @$4 mt

GABARDINE- new wholesale price elsewhere is $8 mt . Here it is $5metre

ANTIQUE FURNISHING FABRIC- $4.00 metre 120cm wi

ANTIQUE CURTAINING embossed linen . $10 mt . Cream

100000mts of other fabric, including denim & retro.  

This fabric is for sale to an entrepreneur.Make your own fabric shop.get a loan.Its yours for $1 .50 a metre.the banks are loaning to everyone.must take 80000 it's in one hit.

At OUR STORE 8 Trade Place Coburg. Victoria . By Appointment only.this factory has had an armed robbery. Melbourne no 1 city for crime.


ph 0428130049


Nylon waterproof fabric . $5.00 mtr. Red, green, white.